Antelope Audio Discrete 4 ja 8 -kampanja - British Sound Effects Bundle

Antelope Audio Discrete 4 ja 8 -kampanjan aikana saat 36 Synergy Core -efektien lisäksi veloituksetta British Sound FX -plugaripaketin!


Kuinka saat kampanjatuotteet käyttöösi

1. Osta Discrete 4 Synergy Core tai Discrete 8 Synergy Core -äänikortti.

2. British Sound FX -paketti ja 36 Synergy Core FX lisätään automaattisesti käyttäjätilillesi.
Sinun tulee määrittää ne toimimaan uudessa äänikortissasi, Antelope Launcherin "Manage" -välilehdessä.

Tarjous päättyy 31.5.2020

Tilaa Discrete 4 Synergy Core tästä!
999 €

Tilaa Discrete 8 Synergy Core tästä!
999 €


British Sound FX Bundle

The BAE 1073MP is a mic preamp modeled after a gold-standard British-design analog unit. It operates as a digital circuit component modeling an analog one in real-time and with the sound of the original – with the most accurate lows
you can hear. Use it in your mix or monitor with it in your recording session – the choice is yours.

Courtesy of premier British audio engineering is the VEQ-4K ORANGE. The first model in this legendary line of EQ modules remains a classic and is still in use by many engineers. This one is not just one more module strip revision, but a hardware rarity with a sound of its own. The Liverpool compressor sounds rich, wide and thick. Run acoustic guitars through it and you’ll hear them as clear as possible, yet with a more full-bodied sound and soul. A great mid-range healer, Liverpool will add a desirable smoothness to guitar leads, synths and vocals.

COMP-4K-STRIP is a compressor modeled after legendary British solid state processing that manages to sound amazing while taking the heavy lifting away from your CPU. The 4K is the large-format mixing console of 80s rock and synthpop, and perhaps one of the most revered desks ever. Now coming with your new interface.

What can you achieve with the
Discrete Synergy Core interfaces?

Record dry or wet and monitor in real-time while placing zero load on your CPU. The Synergy Core processing module helps reduce buffer size and improve your recording system’s stability.
Pro-class conversion by virtue of our high-spec AD converters for artifact-free recording. This is paired with Antelope’s signature Acoustically Focused Clocking Technology to reduce jitter and provide distinct instrument separation. Discrete transistor ultra-linear preamps offering ultra-low noise and distortion with 65 dB gain. Accomplished without adding unnecessary color to your sound. Cross-platform connectivity – ThunderboltTM 2 and USB 2.0 with custom-built Mac and Windows drivers for low-latency performance.

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